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World of Gods Scorned[edit | edit source]

For in world knowledge Link to the Page of gods Scorned

Information for you as a player[edit | edit source]

the game world is a standard D&D setting   and most things are allowed

all official WoTC material is usable including Unearthed Arcana

all Kobold Press material is available

if you want to peruse some of my material  use the link below


DM Inspiration[edit | edit source]

I have a homebrew inspiration system.  i call them chips.  as a character you get 3 chips, these are super inspiration you use one and you become the DM for a moment.  using any part of your skills or backstory  you can describe what happens.    I can, in turn, give you a chip for a really exciting Roleplay of cool things or to present a challenge.

in addition, they will also give you an advantage on any rolls associated

Examples of Chip uses.

Saving another character from Harm with an inspiring moment

a monk uses a chip to do exciting acrobatics to avoid a death dealth blow from a trap

a Sorcerer uses their will and bond with their brother to stop a charm effect

A Paladin convinces a Near deific celestial not to destroy the entire party.  

player Kills and enemy with a Chip and uses it to inspire

Character knowledge for you to know[edit | edit source]

  • this world is very religious for a significant portion of this world's history the gods lived among their people.  most clerics have a pretty personal relationship with their diety and many people know that gods can have a direct effect on the world
  • a cataclysmic event took place 400 years ago that shaped much of the world called the Mortal War
  • arcane magic is anathema for most.  it is not accepted in many circles.  if your character any but an elf or southern race they will not be able to be a magician and be accepted among their society.  likely they would be hiding their abilities
  • most of the world is Xenophobic.  many races have not had much contact recently and dont like "others"  most blame another group for abusing magic for their current situation
  • many elves have left this continent
  • dwarves have sealed themselves away most people would not recognize a dwarf
  • Wizards are a recent rediscovery there is only one school that promotes wizardry and it is not well-liked in the rest of the world.
  • travel is difficult many don't go far from where they were born

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